Ireland’s PM says “serious consequences” if Israel Harms its Citizens on Humanitaian Ship to Gaza

Below is a segment of a blog from the NYTimes posted by Robert Mackey in regards to Isreal’s raid on the humanitarian ship to Gaza:

Greta Berlin, another leader of the Free Gaza Movement, told The New York Times on Tuesday that two more boats would head to Gaza soon. One passenger boat, she said, would be picking up additional activists and journalists, and was not expected to reach Gaza until Monday.

The other ship is an Irish cargo vessel named the Rachel Corrie — after an American protester who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in 2003 while trying to prevent the destruction of a Palestinian home in Gaza. The Rachel Corrie was supposed to have been part of the flotilla intercepted on Monday, but was delayed and is now waiting in the Mediterranean for the passenger ship before proceeding in the direction of Gaza and the Israeli navy.

Ms. Berlin told The Irish Times: “Israel can haul the Rachel Corrie into Ashdod, as it did the other boats, or show good will to the world by allowing her to proceed to Gaza.”

The Irish newspaper also reported that Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen said on Tuesday there would be “most serious consequences” should any harm come to Irish citizens involved with the aid boats trying to get to Gaza. Mr. Cowen and Ireland’s foreign minister both called on Israel to allow the Rachel Corrie to pass through its military blockade.

The newspaper added that Derek Graham, a passenger on the Rachel Corrie, said in a telephone interview from the ship that the vessel was carrying educational materials, construction materials, medical equipment and toys. “Everything aboard has been inspected in Ireland,” Mr. Graham said. “We would hope to have safe passage through.”

But an Israeli naval officer told Israel’s Army Radio that his unit was prepared to block the Rachel Corrie.

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