Iranian Journalist Jailed and Banned from Writing

Tehran has sentenced award-winning journalist Jila Baniyaghoob to jail for one year, and banned her from writing for 30 years. The sentence comes just days before scheduled protests on June 12–the 1-yr anniversary of the disputed elections that officially declared Ahmadinejad president. According to a report by the moderate daily Shargh newspaper, the 39-year-old journalist was sentenced over post-election unrest.

Baniyaghoob was arrested June 20 along with her husband, a week after the June 12 election when mass protests and rallies painted the streets of Tehran and other large Iranian cities. Two months after her arrest the now-banned journalist–who had been writing for now-closed reformist newspapers–was released on bail.

Officials reportedly charged Baniyaghoob of propaganda against the Islamic regime over her reports that covered the election and the following protests.

Last year, she was awarded the courage in journalism award by the International Women’s Media Foundation.

Just three days before the 1-yr anniversary of the elections, Tehran is readying forces to confront scheduled protests. Protests are set to be held in major cities around the world.


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