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Tehran Annouces Slow in Internet Connections

February 8, 2010

Ahead of anticipated protests on February 11 (Revolution Day), Tehran on Sunday announced a slow Internet connection and a disruption in cell phone textmessaging. Tehran attributed the slow connection to technical problems. Connections have reportedly been slow since last week and some email accounts go in and out daily.
Communications Minister Reza Taghipour attributed the cause of the reduced Internet speed to damage of part of the fiber-optic network, adding that the breakage was set to be repaired by next week. Taghipour said the undersea optic fiber, which runs across the Persian Gulf between Iran and the United Arab Emirates had been damaged as a result of shipping traffic and anchoring. Last year, Internet connections across the Middle East went down reportedly due to similar reasons.
The communications minister also acknowledged a disruption in text messaging, blaming in on software issues.
Since the disputed June 12 presidential elections, in which President Ahmadinejad was named the winner, Iran’s opposition has used the Internet and text messaging services to organize rallies and spread news and pictures in support of their cause.