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RACIAL PROFILING–Now a legit means of law enforcement?

August 10, 2008

Border guards have begun temporarily detaining Arab-Americans and Muslims based on a “terrorist profile” rather than on any evidence of suspected criminality; representatives for the Department of Justice say this terrorist profile could be presented in draft form as early as this week and enacted later this summer.

The U.S. Department of Justice says it will announce a “terrorist profile” by which Muslim men of Arab and Pakistani descent who regularly travel abroad and maintain international contacts may be subject not only to brief stops at the border but also to full-fledged national security
investigations regardless of whether they are suspected of wrongdoing.

Civil liberties advocates say the rules could eventually affect immigrants of many ethnicities, including Iranians, who do business in other countries and maintain foreign contacts.
About eight months ago, border guards began detaining Wissam Charafeddine each time he crossed the border from Windsor, the southern most city in Canada, into the United States. Without explanation, he has been repeatedly handcuffed and detained in isolation for hours from his family. But each time he is released and found to be innocent of any suspicions. Charafeddine told The Detroit News he understood being detained the first time, but it is the fact that the authorities tell him he will be stopped each time he crosses the border, that irks him.
Charafeddine says he has done nothing wrong, but authorities say the process is part of an effort to transform the FBI in a post 9-11 world.

Last month, Attorney General Michael Mukasey told the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, “It’s necessary to put in place regulations that will allow the FBI to transform itself into an intelligence-gathering organization in addition to just a crime-solving organization.”
“There will not be equality under the law, for me. And I don’t think that’s the real solution for terrorism,” Charafeddine, a naturalized American citizen who is an e-commerce business consultant, told The Detroit News. “It’s not solving the roots of the problem. I want to belong 100 percent in this country, I want the generations who come behind me to be 100 percent American,” he said.

Michael German, policy counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington, D.C., which is lobbying against the initiative, said, “What is dangerous is that they’ve moved away from reasonable suspicion of criminality into the area of what they are calling suspicious behavior.”

What do you think about this? This is a post 9-11 world where law enforcement must be transformed to keep up with the new threats but is racial profiling the answer? Is this even constitutional?